Ladies ladies ladies! Words cannot express how disappointed I am in the majority of you. Somewhere along the lines you all have forgotten what your are truly worth. And I don’t mean the money you make a man spend on you or how many dates you make a man take you on before you let him hit either. I mean that you have let yourselves become something that you were never intended to be. Every female is born a queen but the actions done and decisions made during their lifetime decide whether or not they keep that title. 

A large percentage of the ladies claim that men don’t respect them. This may be true, but that’s not what I’m here to argue. I’m here to say that a lot of women don’t even respect themselves. Somewhere along the lines it has become okay for females to refer to themselves as bitches and hoes. Media and music have confused the masses into believing that the hoe-ish image is what men want. FALSE

As a real man I’m telling you I want a woman not a bird, rat, hoe, bitch, or barbie. One who knows her value and self-worth. Oh and please don’t confuse that with being cocky, arrogant, or stuck up. Just because you think you’re a woman doesn’t mean you are one. Take a look in the mirror and really evaluate how your treat yourself. Then ask yourself “Do I really deserve everything I’m asking for?” 


You have to give it to get it. Not just give it to others, but give it to yourself.